Optimize Your Investment in Reducing Energy Costs with our Residential Solar Panel Cleaning

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Residential Solar Panel Cleaning Offers Homeowners Additional Savings in Energy Costs

We recommend homeowners have their solar panels cleaned at least twice per year. The rain will not effectively remove all of the dirt from the panels. During times of less rain (which is pretty much 9 months out of the year in California), you may consider having them cleaned 2 or 3 times per year. Give us a call and we can come up with a no hassle solution to your situation!

The Best Residential Solar Panel Cleaning Technicians in Southern California

There is nothing as infuriating as seeing your energy costs going up when they should be going in the opposite direction, right?! Our customers complain that this was their experience with their solar panel investment. Here they invested in reducing their energy costs only to see an initial reduction in energy costs. Then, slowly they begin noticing that the savings weren’t as substantial as they once were.

Regularly optimizing your solar panel investment keeps your energy costs in check. We recommend getting into a regular cycle with ABM Window Cleaning for your solar panel investment optimization needs. Call today!

The Process

Greeting & Introduction

A trained tech will arrive on time at your house and greet you and see if there are any questions or concerns you have. We then get straight to work.


We will assess how to approach your solar panels in the most effective manner possible. We will then communicate with you exactly how we will be achieving your solar panel cleaning.

Cleaning & Optimization

Our solar panel cleaning process is simple. We use the best quality soft brushes, specifically designed to clean your panels. We scrub the panels and rinse with De-Ionized water. In some cases, when the panels are very dirty, we use a Green environmentally-safe solar panel soap.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, they should be cleaned or they will lose efficiency.

We recommend having your solar panels cleaned two or three times per year. This helps to ensure that they are in an optimal state.

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