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Green Hydrophobic Coating Protects your Window Glass

ABM Window Cleaning offers a range of cutting-edge surface cleaning services including applying window glass protection. This service creates a durable protective barrier that shields against water, soil, and stains, making surfaces easier to maintain and prolonging their life span. This is a safe & green option for those who consider their environment and want only the best for both.

Window Glass Protection provides an exceptional value

Make your window's glass hydrophobic, grim-phobic, and all the rest!

ABM Window Cleaning, a professional and dependable window cleaning service in the Inland Empire, offering exceptional Window Glass Protection Treatments. This innovative service is designed to prolong longevity and enhance the appearance of your windows, providing an added layer of protection against environmental Damage and wear and tear. With a customer-focused approach that has garnered them hundreds of 5-star reviews, ABM Window Cleaning guarantees that their Window Glass Protection Treatments are applied meticulously and effectively, making them the preferred service provider for Inland Empire customers looking to preserve the quality and clarity of their windows.

ABM Window Cleaning has been dedicated to delivering the best surface cleaning services possible. Our focus with our new Window Glass Protection services employs high-performance cleaners, protective coatings, and hydrophobic solutions. We are literally providing the absolute best surface coating technology to our customers.

We utilize a custom-designed process & employ nano-technological cleaners that are invisible, water, soil, stain, and scratch-resistant. Our ongoing study of hard surfaces has allowed us to deliver exceptional window glass cleaning & protection treatments that are unriveled.

Our process leverages cleaners & coatings that are microbiostatic, bacteriostatic & fungistatic. These surface coating technologies represent a new breed of barrier-coating protection for ABM Window Cleaning customers. When polymerized to a surface, our process can provide protection against odor causing microbes such as fungi, mold, mildew, algae and other microorganisms. With periodic, ongoing use it can make surfaces almost permanently hydrophobic, water, soil and stain repellent.
ABM Window Cleaning has happened upon a solution to protecting your beautiful windows! It started with those really stained windows (you know those eye sores that look cloudy and white?)

What you can expect:


Greeting & Confirmation

A uniformed Tech will show up to your house in a work vehicle so there is no question who is coming into your home.


Window & Screen Preparation

After greeting the client, the Tech will remove all screens and start with cleaning the tracks. The screens will be hand washed and dried, and then the glass cleaning process will begin.


Deep Cleaning & Re-installation

We deep clean both the interior and exterior sides of the glass, unless otherwise requested. The screens will then be re-installed and the tracks wiped down in the process, removing any excess dirt and water.


Window Glass Protection Application

We ensure that your glass is ready to receive the glass protection coating application. We spray the windows with our safe, green, amazing nano-technology glass protection and wait for 3-5 minutes before we wipe the glass dry.

Questions & Answers:

  • Does this help to reduce hard water stains?

    Yes, in most cases. Each situation can vary so depending on the initial health of the ‘pores’ of the glass surface.

  • My windows have a foggy look to them in between the window panes. Can you remove that?

    No, unfortunately, we can’t. It can be done, but you would need to call a glass company.

  • What does hydrophobic really mean?

    Our process delivers a long lasting repellant to water, grim, dirt, and bacteria. Glass itself is a ‘porous’ surface. The products we use have nano-technology that help create an invisible barrier

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